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I was born in Manila, Philippines and immigrated to the deserts of southern Nevada when I was five years old. I then discovered the mountains while attending the University of Nevada, Reno and realized I enjoyed living in places with seasons (besides hot and really hot).


After completing my undergraduate degree in Mathematics, I moved to the northeast to obtain a Master of Public Health from Boston University. During graduate school, I worked as a project coordinator in clinical addiction research and education at one of Boston’s safety net hospitals. I learned about health care barriers faced by stigmatized populations and the importance of social justice in medicine.

I moved back to Reno for medical school, where I got the chance to practice my skills in health policy and management through volunteer work with underserved patients.  

I fell in love with broad spectrum family medicine because of its utilitarian nature along with the opportunity to forge long-term relationships with patients. I am particularly interested in health policy to improve patient-centered health outcomes, rural and underserved medicine, and wilderness medicine.

The Family Medicine Residency of Western Montana excelled in all of these realms, which made my move to Missoula, Montana a natural choice. The mountains, rivers, and impeccable access to outdoors weren't all too bad, either.


I now practice both inpatient and outpatient medicine in Ketchikan, Alaska.

Outside of medicine, I love exploring the outdoors. I enjoy seeing the world, scuba diving, cycling, hiking, backpacking, camping, and running.


Support and collaborate with patients to improve their health while appreciating their individual clinical, physical, emotional, and social circumstances.


If there is no clear path, create one for yourself and others.




KRBD: Health care providers at Ketchikan's hospital get their first doses of COVID-19 vaccine

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