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Rural Health Scholar Pipeline Fund

Background & Purpose

The Rural Health Scholar Pipeline Fund was established to support youth from rural communities interested in pursuing a career in health care.


We know that rural health outcomes fall behind those of urban and suburban communities, in part because of workforce shortages that disproportionately impact rural areas.

We seek to strengthen the rural health care workforce pipeline by:

  • Helping defray the costs of higher education for low-income, underserved, and ethnically diverse families

  • Providing career mentorship

Application Criteria

  • Graduating seniors seeking a future career in health care, regardless of intended major

  • Preference for low-income, underserved, and/or ethnically diverse applicants —although all high school students are eligible and encouraged to apply

Scholarship Award

  • Two (2) individuals will be selected for an award of $1,000 per year of higher education (up to 4 years or $4,000)

Application Requirements

  • High school transcript

  • Resume or curriculum vitae

  • (2) Letters of Support

  • Personal statement (1000 words or less)

    • Describe a change you would like to make in the world. Tell us about how you would plan to make that change, and what obstacles you might encounter along the way.

    • Please incorporate how growing up in Ketchikan has influenced your thought process as well as your views on health care delivery.

Selection Process

  • Multidisciplinary Scholarship Committee to review submissions based on:

    • Academic record

    • Emotional intelligence

    • Life experience

    • Change agent potential


  • Applications must be received BY April 3rd


This is Lingít Aaní
The Land of the Tlingit

We are located on the current and ancestral lands of the Tlingit, who have been living here since time immemorial. Kichxáan (Ketchikan) remains the territory of the Taant’a Kwáan (Sea Lion Tribe) of the Tongass Tlingit. We are grateful for the opportunity to live and learn here in mutual respect and appreciation.

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